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For cyclists, crashes from behind result in more serious wrecks, especially in professional events or when riding on the road. The SEEMEE DV, MAGICSHINE's first camera taillight, combines the functions of camera recording and bike taillight for maximum safety. In addition to warning vehicles behind you, it also captures critical information, like license plates, in the event of an accident using its wide angle lens.

Thanks to the three highly transparent optical guiding strips, the front, left, and right warning lights shine with an impressive output of 30 lumens, providing increased visibility and optimal warning of approaching vehicles. Built-in 1080P HD camera with a 146° wide lens angle can capture clear, important footage that you might miss at up to 1080P/30fps. With smart video looping, you'll never run out of space on your SD card (supports up to 128GB). Moreover, the SEEMEE DV can automatically lock the video of the accident and help identify responsibility when you need it most. By connecting the SEEMEE DV to the APP via Wi-Fi, you can access the footage, share videos, customize camera settings such as the sensor's sensitivity, or keep any files or photos on your phone on the fly. The DV indicator lights up at 360°, giving accurate camera status and adding style to the tail light.

On the top are two easy-to-use operational switches — one for the tail light and one for camera recording. Powered by a 3400mAh battery with a USB-C charging port, you can adjust the camera and taillight settings to maximize bat- tery life. Aluminum housing with plastic parts contributes to a lightweight yet robust body, with an IPX6 waterproof rating to defy adverse weather. When it comes to mounting, you can easily attach this sleek, compact device to most seat posts via the quick-release mounting system, with confidence and without tools.

Integrated rear-facing camera,146°wide angle lens, automatic incident capture, front-left-right warning, dual switch operation, USB-C rechargeable, IPX6 waterproof... the SEEMEE DV camera taillight is an all-powerful companion to keep you seen and safe on the road, day or night.


  • Highly transparent optical fibers provide maximum 30 lumens output.
  • Red warning lights from the front, left, and right to maximize visibility.
  • Capture license plates with a super-sharp 146° wide angle HD camera at up to 1080p/30fps.
  • Built-in accelerometer to automatically lock footage on incident detection.
  • Smart video looping means you'll never run out of space on your SD card.
  • Dual switch control, one for tail light and one for camera recording.
  • DV indicator lights up at 360° to display the camera working status.
  • Powered by a 3400mAh battery, ensuring a max 110-hour runtime.
  • USB-C rechargeable.
  • Memory function saves the last selected mode.
  • Aluminum housing with plastic parts for a lightweight yet robust body.
  • IPX6 waterproof rating, heavy rain resistant.
  • Quick-release mounting system, compatible with most seat post.
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